Mt. Kanla-on Natural Park (MKNP) Act of 2001 ( Republic Act No. 9154 )

April 11, 2001

August 11, 2001 *




Title Policies and Objectives

SECTION 1. Title. — This Act shall be known as the Mt. Kanla-on Natural Park (MKNP) Act of 2001.

SECTION 2. Statement of Policy. — Considering the diversity of Mt. Kanla-on's biological resources and its aesthetic, socio-cultural, economic and ecological importance to the Island of Negros, it is hereby declared the policy of the State to ensure its protection and conservation including its communities of people and their culture and way of life insofar as they are in harmony with nature. The protection and conservation of MKNP shall be pursued through sustainable and participatory development, advancing and protecting the interests of its legitimate inhabitants, and honoring customary laws in accordance with Republic Act No. 7586 or the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act of 1992, Republic Act No. 8371 or the Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (IPRA) of 1997, and international conventions to which the Philippines is a signatory.

SECTION 3. Definition of Terms. — The following terms are hereby defined for purposes of this Act:

(a) "Bioprospecting" shall refer to the research, collection, and utilization of biological and genetic resources for purposes of applying the knowledge derived therefrom for scientific and/or commercial purposes.

(b) "Commercial" shall mean involving market sale in volume or value in excess of that required to maintain basic subsistence for workers and their dependents.

(c) "DENR" shall refer to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

(d) "Exotic Species" shall refer to species or subspecies that do not naturally occur within the biogeographic region of the MKNP at present or in historical time.

(e) "Indigenous Cultural Communities/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs)" shall refer to the indigenous peoples as defined in the IPRA, specifically, the Atis and Bukidnons of the MKNP.

(f) "Natural Park" is a relatively large area not materially altered by human activity, where extractive resource uses are not allowed, and maintained to protect outstanding natural and scenic areas of national or international significance for scientific educational, and recreational use. EcTCAD

(g) "Nongovernment Organization (NGO)" shall refer to any civic, developmental, environmental or philanthropic non-stock, non-profit organization, duly registered, having by-laws, democratically-elected representation, and multi-sectoral in character.

(h) "Non-Renewable Resources" shall refer to those resources found within the MKNP, the natural replenishment rate of which is not known.

(i) "PAMB" shall refer to the Protected Area Management Board, as provided herein.

(j) "PASu" shall refer to the Protected Area Superintendent, as provided herein.

(k) "People's Organization (PO)" shall refer to any group of people formed to advance the interests of the sector they represent.

(l) "Protected Species" shall refer to any plant or animal declared protected under Philippine laws. These shall include all species listed under the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES) and all its Annexes, the Bonn Convention on Migratory Animals, those specified under the redlist categories of the International Conservation of Nature (IUCN), or any plant or animal which the PAMB may deem necessary for conservation and preservation in the MKNP.

(m) "Tenured Migrant" shall refer to any person who has actually and continuously occupied an area for five (5) years prior to its designation as part of a protected area and is solely dependent on that area for subsistence.

SECTION 4. Declaration and Scope. — Pursuant to and in accordance with the NIPAS Act, Mt. Kanla-on in the Island of Negros is hereby declared and established as a protected area under the category of a natural park. aCTHDA

The boundaries of the Mt. Kanla-on Natural Park are hereby described as follows:

Beginning at a point marked "1" on the map which is marked on plan N.P. or P.B.M. No. 4 between Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental under Pontevedra Cadastre No. 60, B.L. Case No. 2 of Negros Oriental;

Thence, S 61º 40' W 277.22 m to point 2;
Thence, S 61º 40' W 2,199.89 m to point 3;
Thence, N 19º 37' E 49.42 m to point 4;
Thence, N 09º 02' E 84.76 m to point 5;
Thence, N 20º 15' E 194.68 m to point 6;
Thence, N 17º 00' E 67.10 m to point 7;
Thence, N 24º 16' E 141.43 m to point 8;
Thence, N 01º 45'W 144.13 m to point 9;
Thence, N 33º 32' E 63.25 m to point 10,
  an old corner;  
Thence, N 74º 15' E 102.25 m to point 11;
Thence, N 08º 16' E 147.10 m to point 12;
Thence, N 74º 16'E 157.88 m to point 13;
Thence, N 17º 04' E 112.39 m to point 14;
Thence, S 68º 37' E 45.40 m to point 15;
Thence, N 31º 51' E 283.07 m to point 16;
Thence, N 35º 52' E 133.47 m to point 17;
Thence, N 53º 28' E 60.50 m to point 18;
Thence, N 20º 46' E 231.62 m to point 19;
Thence. N 27º 51' E 134.43 m to point 20;
Thence, N 23º 18' E 93.26 m to point 21;
Thence, N 34º 12' E 205.86 m to point 22;
Thence, N 07º 37' W 50.05 m to point 23;
Thence, N 02º 57' E 231.63 m to point 24;
Thence, N 84º 47' E 144.74 m to point 25;
Thence, N 04º 29' E 177.03 m to point 26;
Thence, N 50º 59' E 52.86 m to point 27;
Thence, S 01º 37' W 193.01 m to point 28;
Thence, S 26º 57' W 116.23 m to point 29;
Thence, S 10º 17' W 96.45 m to point 30;
Thence, S 89º 12' E 110.45 m to point 31;
Thence, N 76º 12' E 90.83 m to point 32,
  an old corner;  
Thence, N 87º 15' E 40.76 m to point 33,
  an old corner;  
Thence, S 35º 56' E 28.39 m to point 34;
Thence, N 00º 02' E 77.39 m to point 35;
Thence, N 22º 17' W 456.63 m to point 36;
Thence, N 83º 24' W 37.01 m to point 37;
Thence, S 66º 45' W 80.83 m to point 38;
Thence, S 55º 18' W 276.92 m to point 39;
Thence, S 48º 43' W 70.25 m to point 40,
Thence, S 76º 13' W 393.06 m to point 41;
Thence, N 69º 12' W 101.39 m to point 42;
Thence, S 26º 49' W 224.42 m to point 43;
Thence, S 65º 17' W 129.26 m to point 44;
Thence, N 82º 49' W 127.98 m to point 45;
Thence, S 03º 11' E 311.03 m to point 46;
Thence, S 40º 02' W 93.85 m to point 47;
Thence, S 61º 24' W 351.83 m to point 48;
Thence, S 35º 58' W 240.39 m to point 49;
Thence, S 18º 24' W 154.32 m to point 50;
Thence, S 45º 06' W 37.47 m to point 51,
  an old corner;  
Thence, N 85º 12' W 34.27 m to point 52,
  an old corner;  
Thence, N 65º 50' W 45.67 m to point 53,
  P.L.S./B.L. on a rock;  
Thence, N 46º 39' W 1,513.80 m to point 54;
Thence, N 20º 08' W 466.66 m to point 55;
Thence, S 58º 21' W 328.30 m to point 56;
Thence, N 49º 44' W 646.11 m to point 57,
  P.L.S./B.L. on a rock;  
Thence, N 41º 34' E 167.92 m to point 58;
Thence, N 18º 58' E 131.50 m to point 59;
Thence, N 09º 04' W 85.69 m to point 60;
Thence, N 54º 15' E 164.47 m to point 61;
Thence, N 61º 56' W 161.18 m to point 62,
Thence, N 35º 16' E 556.61 m to point 63,
Thence, S 84º 33' W 141.22 m to point 64,
Thence, S 58º 26' W 388.04 m to point 65;
Thence, N 67º 46' W 42.33 m to point 66;
Thence, N 09º 35' E 49.11 m to point 67;
Thence, N 00º 30' W 49.72 m to point 68;
Thence, N 35º 07' E 56.31 m to point 69;
Thence, N 22º 11' E 199.35 m to point 70;
Thence, N 02º 09' E 65.80 m to point 71;
Thence, N 31º 51' E 95.29 m to point 72,
Thence, N 00º 58' W 36.28 m to point 73;
Thence, N 59º 17'W 412.90 m to point 74;
Thence, N 82º 46' W 216.49 m to point 75;
Thence, N 18º 49' E 121.00 m to point 76;
Thence, N 86º 30' W 46.96 m to point 77;
Thence, S 59º 01' W 251.07 m to point 78,
Thence, S 40º 00' W 102.02 m to point 79;
Thence, S 50º 00' W 142.03 m to point 80;
Thence, S 63º 18' W 156.21 m to point 81;
Thence, S 79º 10' W 47.06 m to point 82;
Thence, S 54º 02' W 165.97 m to point 83;
Thence, S 09º 27'W 83.97 m to point 84;
Thence, S 14º 28' W 215.62 m to point 85;
Thence, S 03º 34' E 353.99 m to point 86;
Thence, S 52º 01' W 280.62 m to point 87;
Thence, S 26º 26' W 194.94 m to point 88;
Thence, S 14º 09' W 38.04 m to point 89;
Thence, N 13º 52' W 35.36 m to point 90;
Thence, N 17º 37' E 430.38 m to point 91;
Thence, N 05º 28' E 323.85 m to point 92;
Thence, N 18º 56'W 75.56 m to point 93;
Thence, N 03º 41' E 133.04 m to point 94;
Thence, N 47º 08' E 361.26 m to point 95,
  B.L. on a concrete monument;  
Thence, N 31º 03' W 6.69 m to point 96;
Thence, S 78º 39' W 335.40 m to point 97,
  B.L. on a concrete monument;  
Thence, S 24º54' W 288.30 m to point 98;
Thence, S 41º 23' W 655.76 m to point 99,
  a monument;  
Thence, S 42º 55' W 161.60 m to point 100;
Thence, N 67º 40' W 178.90 m to point 101;
Thence, S 82º 04' W 84.26 m to point 102;
Thence, N 30º 12' W 21.27 m to point 103;
Thence, N 47º 23' E 99.14 m to point 104;
Thence, N 81º 03' W 610.92 m to point 105,
  P.L.S./B.L. on a rock:  
Thence, N 18º 01' E 290.52 m to point 106.
  P.L.S./B.L. on a rock;  
Thence, N 60º 39' E 1,066.10 m to point 107,
  a monument:  
Thence, S 69º 40' E 369.00 m to point 108,
Thence, N 48º 52' E 480.61 m to point 109,
  a monument:  
Thence, N 67º 52'W 371.08 m to point 110,
  a monument;  
Thence, N 58º 06' E 89.57 m to point 111,
Thence, S 72º 25' W 781.45 m to point 112;
Thence, N 29º 39' W 832.51 m to point 113;
Thence, N 64º 57' W 440.33 m to point 114;
  a monument:  
Thence, N 14º53' W 529.75 m to point 115,
  a monument;  
Thence, S 43º 33' W 274.46 m to point 116;
Thence, N 85º 57' W 596.27 m to point 117;
  a monument;  
Thence, N 79º 10' W 39.72 m to point 118;
Thence, N 45º 44' W 106.41 m to point 119,
  a monument;  
Thence, N 06º 22' W 17.95 m to point 120;
Thence, S 83º 53' W 629.50 m to point 121,
Thence, S 82º 52' W 178.78 m to point 122,
  M.B.M. #12.  
Thence, S 71º 45' W 276.41 m to point 123;
Thence, N 72º 33' W 157.83 m to point 124;
Thence, N 50º 31' E 177.10 m to point 125,
Thence, S 87º 59' E 275.20 m to point 126;
Thence, N 28º 05' E 321.56 m to point 127,
Thence, N 53º 46' E 412.63 m to point 128;
Thence, N 61º 22' E 360.08 m to point 129,
  P.L.S./B.L. on a rock;  
Thence, S 74º 14' E 435.24 m to point 130;
Thence, N 54º 21' E 407.58 m to point 131;
Thence, N 86º40' W 494.60 m to point 132,
Thence, S 60º 00' W 295.94 m to point 133;
  P.L.S./B.L. on a rock;  
Thence, N 16º 20' W 328.07 m to point 134;
Thence, N 16º 20' W 347.45 m to point 135,
Thence, N 58º 17' E 463.52 m to point 136;
Thence, N 41º 33' E 277.58 m to point 137;
Thence, N 15º 03' E 383.90 m to point 138;
Thence, N 89º 26' W 341.78 m to point 139;
Thence, N 76º 17' W 218.04 m to point 140;
  P.L.S ./B.L.;  
Thence, N 88º 04' W 154.69 m to point 141;
Thence, S 47º 18' W 222.00 m to point 142,
  P.L.S./B.L. on a rock;  
Thence, S 15º 35' W 122.42 m to point 143,
Thence, N 29º 33' W 1,059.37 m to point 144;
Thence, N 17º 48' W 39.99 m to point 145,
  South of Najalin River;  
Thence, N 00º 43' W 82.18 m to point 146;
Thence, N 61º 17' E 159.24 m to point 147;
Thence, S 71º 05' E 171.91 m to point 148;
Thence, N 81º 58' E 179.76 m to point 149;
Thence, N 54º14' E 33.76 m to point 150;
Thence. N 52º 34' E 267.29 m to point 151;
Thence, N 65º 26' E 294.80 m to point 152;
Thence, S 75º 55' E 290.31 m to point 153;
Thence, S 29º 06' E 75.65 m to point 154;
Thence, N 88º 26' E 172.74 m to point 155;
Thence, N 12º 59' W 381.95 m to point 156;
Thence, N 11º 40' W 59.33 m to point 157;
Thence, N 44º 41' E 5.19 m to point 158;
Thence, S 83º 12' E 36.24 m to point 159;
Thence, N 62º 30' E 105.59 m to point 160;
Thence, N 62º 07' E 49.17 m to point 161;
Thence, N 80º 35' E 21.51 m to point 162;
Thence, N 88º 20' E 82.34 m to point 163;
Thence, N 79º 35' E 19.78 m to point 164;
Thence, N 03º 45' E 9.32 m to point 165;
Thence, N 06º 24' E 129.80 m to point 166;
Thence, N 21º 24' W 39.08 m to point 167;
Thence, N 42º 02' W 487.60 m to point 168;
Thence, N 65º 20' E 172.12 m to point 169;
Thence, N 39º 33' E 24.97 m to point 170;
Thence, N 87º 50' E- 16.61 m to point 171,
Thence, N 30º 24' E 383.11 m to point 172;
Thence, S 63º 17' W 156.97 m to point 173,
Thence, N 41º 11' W 422.41 m to point 174;
Thence, N 11º 40'W 128.84 m to point 175;
Thence, S 85º 40' W 215.22 m to point 176,
Thence, N 27º 46' E 177.88 m to point 177,
Thence, N 67º 26' W 110.96 m to point 178;
Thence, N 40º 20' E 274.86 m to point 179;
Thence, N 45º 23' E 59.65 m to point 180;
Thence, S 49º 25' E 67.93 m to point 181;
Thence, N 62º 08' E 78.54 m to point 182,
  a rock;  
Thence, S 70º 32' E 30.30 m to point 183,
Thence, S 50º 31' E 112.83 m to point 184;
Thence, S 82º 32' E 102.49 m to point 185,
Thence, S 60º 48' E 97.35 m to point 186,
  a rock;  
Thence, N 45º 43' E 179.43 m to point 187;
Thence, N 81º 36' E 67.21 m to point 188;
Thence, N 72º 50' E 212.30 m to point 189,
  a rock;  
Thence, S 03º 43' W 11.57 m to point 190;
Thence, S 43º 36' E 142.76 m to point 191,
Thence, S 76º 00' E 409.15 m to point 192,
Thence, S 85º 19' E 661.85 m to point 193;
Thence, S 85º 19' E 95.00 m to point 194;
Thence, S 81º 24' E 312.72 m to point 195,
Thence, N 06º 18' E 179.93 m to point 196,
Thence, N 38º 19' W 482.93 m to point 197;
Thence, S 21º 42' E 387.25 m to point 198;
Thence, N 82º 54' W 706.42 m to point 199;
Thence, N 27º 19' E 320.54 m to point 200;
Thence, N 27º 19' E 220.00 m to point 201;
Thence, N 63º 16' W 211.33 m to point 202;
Thence, N 41º 29' W 31.17 m to point 203;
Thence, N 53º 14' E 298.28 m to point 204;
Thence, N 62º 03' E 424.43 m to point 205;
Thence, N 05º 12' E 572.38 m to point 206;
Thence, N 10º 17' E 42.99 m to point 207;
Thence, N 22º 25' E 373.82 m to point 208;
Thence, N 75º 47' E 244.19 m to point 209;
Thence, N 18º 33'E 38.03 m to point 210;
Thence, N 56º 48' W 459.05 m to point 211;
Thence, N 44º 55' W 76.51 m to point 212;
Thence, N 13º 12' W 107.36 m to point 213;
Thence, N 43º 30' E 143.37 m to point 214;
Thence, N 76º 53' E 14.59 m to point 215;
Thence, N 66º 29' E 783.04 m to point 216;
Thence, S 71º 26' 59" E 888.69 m to point 217;
Thence, N 18º 30' 00.110" W 579.07 m to point 218;
Thence. N 87º 28' 58" E 410.05 m to point 219;
Thence, N 27º 37' 59" E 1,051.62 m to point 220;
Thence, S 60º 16' 01" E 673.44 m to point 221;
Thence, N 29º 08' 59" E 751.54 m to point 222;
Thence, N 60º 51' 01" W 599.55 m to point 223;
Thence, S 57º 18' 06" W 878.88 m to point 224;
Thence, N 21º 23' 0" E 53.15 m to point 225;
Thence, N 26º 49' W 53.32 m to point 226;
Thence, N 81º 56' W 141.88 m to point 227;
Thence, S 82º 20' W 65.65 m to point 228;
Thence, S 80º 48' W 32.98 m to point 229;
Thence, N 68º 01' W 74.48 m to point 230;
Thence, N 48º 39' W 99.47 m to point 231;
Thence, N 40º 53' W 97.88 m to point 232;
Thence, N 73º 54' W 52.72 m to point 233;
Thence, N 16º 54' W 18.04 m to point 234;
Thence, N 06º 09' W 79.11 m to point 235;
Thence, N 25º 21' W 71.92 m to point 236;
Thence, N 29º 51'W 36.05 m to point 237;
Thence, N 60º 19' W 61.60 m to point 238;
Thence, N 46º 26' W 23.38 m to point 239;
Thence, N 56º 47' W 41.81 m to point 240;
Thence, N 63º 56' W 26.84 m to point 241;
Thence, N 35º 46' W 74.34 m to point 242;
Thence, N 62º 52' W 45.00 m to point 243;
Thence, N 57º 13' W 20.00 m to point 244;
Thence, S 12º 12' W 10.31 m to point 245;
Thence, S 37º 45' W 49.22 m to point 246;
Thence, S 13º 57' W 57.94 m to point 247;
Thence, S 04º 11' E 37.95 m to point 248;
Thence, N 22º 48' W 64.32 m to point 249;
Thence, N 16º 53' W 76.16 m to point 250;
Thence, N 07º 27' W 89.53 m to point 251;
Thence, S 52º 25' W 574.10 m to point 252:
Thence, N 40º 26' W 160.62 m to point 253;
Thence, N 36º 17' E 535.68 m to point 254;
Thence, S 72º 00' W 83.32 m to point 255:
Thence, N 44º 09' W 52.90 m to point 256;
Thence, S 71º 01' W 113.26 m to point 257;
Thence, N 22º 09' W 75.72 m to point 258;
Thence, N 37º 17' W 142.28 m to point 259;
Thence, S 82º 53' W 90.96 m to point 260;
Thence, N 36º 36' W 83.41 m to point 261;
Thence, N 74º 12' W 128.09 m to point 262;
Thence, N 23º 21' W 76.11 m to point 263;
Thence, N 64º 59' W 70.85 m to point 264;
Thence, N 31º 22' W 128.03 m to point 265;
Thence, N 05º 04' W 27.98 m to point 266:
Thence, N 31º 40' W 163.02 m to point 267;
Thence, N 51º 42' W 62.55 m to point 268;
Thence, N 40º 55' W 136.12 m to point 269;
Thence, N 25º 24' E 16.42 m to point 270;
Thence, N 80º 15' N 53.15 m to point 271;
Thence, S 81º 14' W 120.87 m to point 272;
Thence, N 40º 40' W 44.24 m to point 273;
Thence, N 59º 40' W 75.62 m to point 274;
Thence, S 67º 47' W 24.40 m to point 275:
Thence, N 82º 44' W 50.73 m to point 276;
Thence, N 26º 30' W 45.71 m to point 277;
Thence, N, 68º 13' W 54.28 m to point 278;
Thence, S 46º 36' W 61.98 m to point 279;
Thence, S 55º 44' W 40.58 m to point 280;
Thence, S 88º 22' W 52.72 m to point 281;
Thence, N 46º 45' W 89.71 m to point 282;
Thence, S 49º 14' W 90.10 m to point 283;
Thence, N 57º 07' W 68.15 m to point 284;
Thence, S 52º 18' W 18.54 m to point 285;
Thence, S 34º 02' W 54.45 m to point 286;
Thence, S 79º 08' W 62.01 m to point 287;
Thence, N 85º 30' W 157.04 m to point 288;
Thence, N 54º 33' W 98.18 m to point 289;
Thence, S 45º 33' W 40.41 m to point 290;
Thence, S 71º 20' W 44.20 m to point 291;
Thence, N 80º 44' W 55.92 m to point 292;
Thence, N 18º 10' E 77.89 m to point 293;
Thence, N 49º 00' E 52.52 m to point 294;
Thence, N 23º 00' E 41.06 m to point 295;
Thence, N 01º 47' W 28.83 m to point 296;
Thence, N 27º 26'W 56.84 m to point 297;
Thence, N 49º 31' W 40.40 m to point 298;
Thence, N 05º 09' W 65.10 m to point 299:
Thence, N 43º 07' W 65.22 m to point 300;
Thence, N 33º 15'W 56.52 m to point 301;
Thence, N 25º 55' W 41.54 m to point 302;
Thence, S 48º 23' W 79.17 m to point 303;
Thence, S 89º 38' W 38.18 m to point 304;
Thence, N 22º 14' W 24.89 m to point 305;
Thence, N 60º 37' E 185.48 m to point 306;
Thence, S 86º 40' E 358.03 m to point 307;
Thence, N 76º 47' E 1,062.80 m to point 308;
Thence, S 63º 25' E 1,492.83 m to point 309;
Thence, N 11º 41' E 305.44 m to point 310;
Thence, S 34º 24' E 33.24 m to point 311;
Thence, S 55º 32' E 84.54 m to point 312;
Thence, S 16º 04' E 40.37 m to point 313;
Thence, S 46º 29' E 81.81 m to point 314;
Thence, S 60º 04' E 92.76 m to point 315;
Thence, S 06º 07' E 71.84 m to point 316;
Thence, S 07º 14' E 131.42 m to point 317;
Thence, S 49º 55' W 56.84 m to point 318;
Thence, S 17º 42' E 88.09 m to point 319;
Thence, S 34º 29' E 123.84 m to point 320;
Thence, S 64º 05' E 187.32 m to point 321;
Thence, N 75º 49' E 221.64 m to point 322;
Thence, S 75º 58' E 29.06 m to point 323;
Thence, S 75º 56' E 75.00 m to point 324;
Thence, S 73º 52' E 99.94 m to point 325;
Thence, S 14º 24' E 82.34 m to point 326;
Thence, S 25º 22' E 68.65 m to point 327;
Thence, S 23º 08' W 45.12 m to point 328;
Thence, S 53º 05' E 75.14 m to point 329;
Thence, S 69º 55' E 89.86 m to point 330;
Thence, S 84º 41' E 152.13 m to point 331;
Thence, S 40º 39'W 206.90 m to point 332;
Thence, N 59º 26' E 224.48 m to point 333;
Thence, N 54º 24' W 110.65 m to point 334;
Thence, N 29º 59'W 168.88 m to point 335;
Thence, N 57º 51' E 40.38 m to point 336;
Thence, N 13º 41' E 33.15 m to point 337;
Thence, N 01º 00' W 26.52 m to point 338;
Thence, N 15º 03' W 16.53 m to point 339;
Thence, N 24º 58' W 10.85 m to point 340;
Thence, N 24º 58' W 10.00 m to point 341;
Thence, N 02º 11' W 47.81 m to point 342;
Thence, N 12º 05' W 36.03 m to point 343;
Thence, N 42º 43' W 42.37 m to point 344;
Thence, N 28º 14' W 45.13 m to point 345;
Thence, S 50º 27' W 46.14 m to point 346;
Thence, N 18º 34'W 27.99 m to point 347;
Thence, N 23º 02' W 23.82 m to point 348;
Thence, N 52º 36' W 17.74 m to point 349;
Thence, N 72º 55' W 27.78 m to point 350;
Thence, N 36º 17' W 30.16 m to point 351;
Thence, N 55º 14' W 62.33 m to point 352;
Thence, S 15º 29' W 25.00 m to point 353;
Thence, N 27º 27' W 47.57 m to point 3a4;
Thence, N 53º 45' W 88.70 m to point 355;
Thence, N 05º 40' W 46.02 m to point 3a6:
Thence, N 51º 00' W 46.76 m to point 357;
Thence, N 12º 25' W 77.07 m to point 358;
Thence, N 41º 49' W 30.62 m to point 359;
Thence, N 15º 36' E 44.00 m to point 360;
Thence, N 23º49' W 79.29 m to point 361;
Thence, N 33º 47' W 48.94 m to point 362;
Thence, N 15º 07' W 57.16 m to point 363;
Thence, N 16º 26' E 42.16 m to point 364;
Thence, N 25º39' W 47.89 m to point 365;
Thence, N 42º 14' E 37.41 m to point 366;
Thence, N 00º 17' W 21.66 m to point 367;
Thence, N 47º 39' E 31.70 m to point 368;
Thence, N 88º 50' E 13.26 m to point 369;
Thence, S 78º 38' E 303.42 m to point 370;
Thence, N 46º 36' E 185.07 m to point 371;
Thence, N 49º 06' E 163.19 m to point 372;
Thence, N 73º 46' E 34.45 m to point 373;
Thence, N. 25º 21' E 147.97 m to point 374;
Thence, N 19º 31' E 394.78 m to point 375;
Thence, N 67º 22' W 466.71 m to point 376;
Thence, N 87º 36' W 141.88 m to point 377;
Thence, S 75º 32' W 18.49 m to point 378;
Thence, N 32º 07' W 81.79 m to point 379;
Thence, S 78º 59' W 47.00 m to point 380;
Thence, N 44º 52'W 37.43 m to point 381;
Thence, N 23º 16' W 58.06 m to point 382;
Thence, N 38º 04' W 65.54 m to point 383;
Thence, N 60º 03' W 46.42 m to point 384;
Thence, N 30º 15' W 19.95 m to point 385;
Thence, N 29º 08' E 35.18 m to point 386;
Thence, N 10º 08' E 41.83 m to point 387;
Thence, N 58º 04' W 39.48 m to point 388;
Thence, N 59º 25' W 32.48 m to point 389;
Thence, N 82º 26' E 382.30 m to point 390;
Thence, N 82º 26' E 242.00 m to point 391;
Thence, N 38º 33' E 866.76 m to point 392;
Thence, N 64º 13' E 29.53 m to point 393;
Thence, S 46º 56' E 45.14 m to point 394;
Thence, S 07º 28' E 64.35 m to point 395;
Thence, S 11º 54' E 85.23 m to point 396;
Thence, S 45º 34' E 85.13 m to point 397;
Thence, S 36º 48' E 235.38 m to point 398;
Thence, S 83º 15' E 66.10 m to point 399;
Thence, S 11º 58' E 75.02 m to point 400;
Thence, S 48º 21' E 57.51 m to point 401;
Thence, S 76º 38' E 211.24 m to point 402;
Thence, N 60º 06' E 228.22 m to point 403;
Thence, N 53º 27' E 93.78 m to point 404;
Thence, N 30º 13' W 35.60 m to point 405;
Thence, N 04º 02' E 246.29 m to point 406;
Thence, Due West, 117.32 m to point 407;
Thence, N 22º 29' W 90.88 m to point 408;
Thence, N 00º 39' E 43.98 m to point 409;
Thence, N 07º 27' E 183.76 m to point 410;
Thence, S 65º 47' E 15.80 m to point 411;
Thence, N 51º 04' W 29.44 m to point 412;
Thence, N 14º 53' E 100.90 m to point 413;
Thence, N 33º 16' E 145.92 m to point 414;
Thence, N 14º 13' E 60.02 m to point 415;
Thence, N 36º 13' E 114.80 m to point 416;
Thence, N 22º 52' W 195.33 m to point 417;
Thence, N 21º 51' E 136.62 m to point 418;
Thence, N 72º 46' E 52.00 m to point 419;
Thence, N 13º 59' W 2,165.35 m to point 420;
Thence, N 68º 04' E 103.20 m to point 421;
Thence, S 56º 09' E 89.90 m to point 422;
Thence, S 45º 08' E 90.78 m to point 423;
Thence, S 77º 53' E 39.47 m to point 424;
Thence, N 79º 11' E 229.41 m to point 425;
Thence, N 72º 45' E 232.40 m to point 426;
Thence, N 62º 03' E 188.02 m to point 497;
Thence, N 83º 43' E 410.38 m to point 428;
Thence, N 18º 53' W 83.05 m to point 429;
Thence, N 12º 39' E 423.74 m to point 430;
Thence, S 54º 21' E 77.10 m to point 431;
Thence, N 37º 45' E 173.24 m to point 432;
  a monument P.L.S./B.L.;  
Thence, S 67º 13' E 141.34 m to point 433;
  a monument P.L.S./B.L.;  
Thence, S 32º 35' E 393.63 m to point 434;
Thence, S 17º 15' E 258.40 m to point 435;
Thence, S 82º 09' E 61.19 m to point 436;
Thence, N 79º 59' E 103.20 m to point 437;
Thence, N 56º 29' E 202.02 m to point 438;
Thence, S 67º 31' E 287.80 m to point 439;
Thence, S 16º 03' E 251.10 m to point 440;
Thence, S 38º 38' E 145.14 m to point 441;
Thence, N 85º 25' E 303.58 m to point 442;
Thence, S 56º 49' E 322.22 m to point 443;
Thence, N 86º 19' E 141.17 m to point 444;
Thence, N 27º 31' E 84.16 m to point 445;
Thence, N 79º 21' E 432.26 m to point 446;
Thence, S 41º 52' E 726.22 m to point 447;
Thence, S 44º 30' E 69.15 m to point 448;
Thence, S 73º 59' E 546.59 m to point 449;
Thence, S 47º 11' E 190.22 m to point 450;
Thence, S 74º 08' E 373.59 m to point 451;
Thence, N 71º 36' E 333.89 m to point 452;
Thence, S 51º 26' E 342.17 m to point 453;
Thence, S 29º 48' E 84.26 m to point 454;
Thence, S 84º 27' E 19.50 m to point 455;
Thence, S 66º 39' E 144.25 m to point 456;
Thence, S 34º 22' E 24.11 m to point 457;
Thence, S 42º 28' E 396.70 m to point 458;
Thence, S 73º 24' E 97.59 m to point 459;
Thence, N 89º 40' E 276.16 m to point 460;
Thence, S 14º 57' E 247.08 m to point 461;
Thence, S 37º 22' W 176.34 m to point 462;
Thence, S 27º 53' W 144.99 m to point 463;
Thence, N 60º 30' E 152.79 m to point 464;
Thence, N 89º 07' E 271.35 m to point 465,
  P.L.S./B.L. on a big rock;  
Thence, S 72º 22' E 89.07 m to point 466;
Thence, S 84º 00' E 638.13 m to point 467,
  a monument;  
Thence, N 39º 00' W 8.74 m to point 468,
  a monument;  
Thence, S 45º 09' E 149.32 m to point 469;
Thence, N 04º 54' W 312.58 m to point 470;
Thence, N 49º 12' E 31.73 m to point 471,
  "X" mark on a rock;  
Thence, N 29º 32' E 38.40 m to point 472;
Thence, N 54º 37' E 265.82 m to point 473;
Thence, S 70º 57' E 15.71 m to point 474;
Thence, S 80º 51' E 233.18 m to point 475;
Thence, S 25º 29' E 342.09 m to point 476,
  a monument;  
Thence, S 44º 12' E 368.42 m to point 477,
  a monument;  
Thence, S 44º 35' E 9.69 m to point 478,
  a monument;  
Thence, S 48º 39' E 370.93 m to point 479,
  a monument;  
Thence, N 63º 22' E 645.23 m to point 480;
Thence, N 72º 23' E 225.24 m to point 481;
Thence, N 69º 17' E 151.20 m to point 482,
  a monument;  
Thence, S 87º 28' E 9.97 m to point 483;
Thence, N 84º 29' E 71.83 m to point 484;
Thence, S 64º 30' E 125.85 m to point 485;
Thence, S 69º 26' W 62.20 m to point 486;
Thence, S 73º 01' E 442.53 m to point 487;
Thence, S 00º 16' W 126.46 m to point 488,
  a monument;  
Thence, S 35º 51' W 58.20 m to point 489;
Thence, S 17º 27'W 319.46 m to point 490;
Thence, S 32º 41' E 77.60 m to point 491;
Thence, S 57º 36' E 234.27 m to point 492;
Thence, N 81º 30' E 89.61 m to point 493;
Thence, S 89º 01' E 202.15 m to point 494,
  P.L.S./B.L. on a big rock;  
Thence, S 81º 33' E 257.16 m to point 495;
Thence, S 30º 35' E 199.29 m to point 496,
  a monument;  
Thence, S 38º 02' E 221.79 m to point 497;
Thence, S 84º 32' E 108.44 m to point 498;
Thence, S 78º 52' E 147.21 m to point 499;
Thence, S 47º 56' E 121.53 m to point 500;
Thence, S 28º 03' E 113.21 m to point 501;
Thence, S 66º 00' E 344.84 m to point 502:
Thence, S 66º 56' E 121.55 m to point 503;
Thence, S 09º 32' E 92.35 m to point 504,
  a monument M.C./F.Z. No. 2;  
Thence, S 87º 33' W 97.00 m to point 505;
Thence, S 87º 33' W 1,858.22 m to point 506,
  a monument M.C./F.Z. No. 3;  
Thence, S 00º 31' W 6,149.50 m to point 507;
  a monument M.C./F.Z. No. 4;  
Thence, S 34º 201 W 48.98 m to point 508,
  a point along Lairanan River;  
Thence, Due West upstream 620.00 m to point 509,
  of Lairanan River;  
Thence, Due West upstream 1,000.00 m to point 510,
  of Lairanan River;  
Thence, S 11º 00' W 300.00 m to point 511;
Thence, S 11º 00' W 238.00 m to point 512;
Thence, S 08º 00' W 450.00 m to point 513;
Thence, S 30º 00' W 350.00 m to point 514;
Thence, S 26º 08' W 238.00 m to point 515;
Thence, Southwest upstream 425.00 m to point 516;
  of Magalao Creek  
Thence, S 67º 00' E 600.00 m to point 517;
Thence, S 30º 00' W 938.00 m to point 518;
Thence, S 76º 00' W 275.00 m to point 519;
Thence, S 20º 00' W 350.00 m to point 520;
Thence, S 02º 00' E 600.00 m to point 521;
Thence, S 43º 00' W 370.00 m to point 522;
Thence, S 21º 00' W 500.00 m to point 523;
Thence, S 33º 00' W 400.00 m to point 524;
Thence, S 14º 00' W 550.00 m to point 525;
Thence, S 34º 00' E 138.00 m to point 526;
Thence, N 63º 43' W 115.41 m to point 527;
Thence, N 61º 25' W 197.81 m to point 528;
Thence, N 60º 08' W 68.27 m to point 529;
Thence, N 44º 50' W 119.40 m to point 530;
Thence, S 69º 26' W 78.88 m to point 531;
Thence, N 74º 47' W 71.81 m to point 532;
Thence, S 67º 00' E 50.90 m to point 533;
Thence, N 60º 48' W 121.49 m to point 534;
Thence, N 68º 04'W 110.36 m to point 535;
Thence, N 22º 22'W 71.58 m to point 536;
Thence, S 86º 59' W 24.88 m to point 537;
Thence, S 18º 33'W 874.54 m to point 538;
Thence, S 36º 15' W 13.90 m to point 539; A creek;
Thence, S 41º 24' E 50.35 m to point 540; A creek;
Thence, S 31º 21' E 45.57 m to point 541; A creek;
Thence, S 12º 56' E 33.02 m to point 542; A creek;
Thence, S 22º 20' E 61.90 m to point 543; A creek;
Thence, S 54º 56' E 19.52 m to point 544; A creek;
Thence, S 05º 57' W 45.79 m to point 545; A creek;
Thence, S 02º 32' W 30.60 m to point 546; A creek;
Thence, S 18º 09' E 22.23 m to point 547; A creek;
Thence, S 21º 39' W 34.61 m to point 548;
Thence, S 42º 03' E 35.97 m to point 549;
Thence, S 33º 45' E 57.38 m to point 550;
Thence, S 15º 16' W 20.89 m to point 551;
Thence, S 42º 26' E 52.11 m to point 552;
Thence, S 57º 45' E 152.90 m to point 553;
Thence, N 49º 48' E 57.00 m to point 554;
Thence, N 64º 05' E 54.45 m to point 555;
Thence, S 25º 32' E 80.56 m to point 556;
Thence, S 57º 48' E 61.10 m to point 557;
Thence, S 55º 11' E 63.91 m to point 558;
Thence, S 64º 21' W 1,251.09 m to point 559,
Thence, S 30º 37' W 2,933.47 m to point 560,
  M.C./F.Z. No. 8;  
Thence, S 36º 59' E 1,322.30 m to point 561;
Thence, S 61º 35' W 3,380.85 m to point 1, the

point of beginning at plan NP or P.B.M. No. 4 between Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental recorded in Pontevedra Cadastre No. 60, B.L. Case No. 2, Negros Oriental, containing an approximate total land area of 24,388 hectares. SATDEI

SECTION 5. Establishment of a Buffer Zone. — An area for the exploration, development, and utilization of geothermal energy resources as well as other exploration activities is hereby established as the buffer zone with the following technical description:


Beginning at a point marked "1" on plan, being S 66º 25' 43.616" E, 2591.09 meters from PBM No. 29, Bago City;

Thence, N 00º 10' 00.061" E 256.43 meters to point 2;
Thence, S 87º 26' 00.162" E 515.04 meters to point 3;
Thence, N 17º 09' 59.953" W 177.00 meters to point 4;
Thence, N 21º 05' 00.265" E 263.15 meters to point 5;
Thence, N 65º 20' 59.849" W 392.21 meters to point 6;
Thence, N 48º 20' 59.842" E 57.37 meters to point 7;
Thence, N 33º 07' 00.409" E 240.19 meters to point 8;
Thence, S 21º 32' 59.909" E 173.62 meters to point 9;
Thence, N 56º 38' 59.926" E 157.30 meters to point 10;
Thence, N 32º 51' 59.773" W 52.80 meters to point 11;
Thence, N 71º 59' 59.632" E 100.00 meters to point 12;
Thence, N 71º 20' 00.116" E 243.76 meters to point 13;
Thence, N 13º 36' 59.826" W 156.11 meters to point 14;
Thence, N 58º 32' 52.757" E 9.68 meters to point 15;
Thence, S 88º 55' 58.078" E 47.57 meters to point 16;
Thence, S 75º 03' 03.400" E 35.99 meters to point 17;
Thence, S 63º 08' 01.688" E 63.90 meters to point 18;
Thence, N 80º 52' 00.810" E 137.48 meters to point 19;
Thence, N 73º 59' 00.477" E 92.71 meters to point 20;
Thence, N 36º 49' 58.981" E 56.60 meters to point 21;
Thence, N 21º 22' 59.083" E 17.32 meters to point 22;
Thence, N 57º 18' 05.766" E 878.88 meters to point 23;
Thence, S 60º 51' 00.585" E 599.55 meters to point 24;
Thence, S 29º 08' 58.590" W 751.54 meters to point 25;
Thence, N 60º 16' 00.976" W 673.44 meters to point 26;
Thence, S 27º 37' 59.013" W 1,051.62 meters to point 27;
Thence, S 87º 28' 57.536" W 410.05 meters to point 28;
Thence, S 18º 30' 00.110" E 579.07 meters to point 29;
Thence, N 71º 26' 59.347" W 888.69 meters to the point

of beginning; containing an area of one hundred sixty-nine (169) hectares, more or less.

Any geothermal exploration for or development of energy or mineral resources within the MKNP shall not be allowed except by an Act of Congress. Moreover, permits for geothermal activities shall be pursuant to relevant forestry and environmental regulations: Provided, That areas within the buffer zone which shall not be used directly for the development and utilization of geothermal energy shall remain under the control and jurisdiction of the PAMB.

The proponent of the geothermal project shall contribute to the Integrated Protected Area Fund (IPAF) to be established by the DENR pursuant to the NIPAS Act and pertinent DENR rules and regulations. Moreover, the PAMB of the MKNP shall be represented in the multi-partite environmental monitoring committee for the geothermal operation undertaken within the buffer zone subject to Presidential Decree No. 1586 or the Environmental Impact Statement System, DENR Administrative Order 96-37, Series of 1996 (Strengthening the Implementation of the Environmental Impact Statement System), and pertinent DENR rules and regulations.


Management, Management Plan, and Zoning

SECTION 6. Management of the MKNP. — The management and administration of the MKNP shall be vested with the PAMB: Provided, That the management of zones to be established within the MKNP shall be consultative and participatory. HDICSa

SECTION 7. Local Government Units. — Local government units shall participate in the management of the MKNP through representation in the PAMB. To allow the integration of the objectives of the MKNP with the development plans for the Island of Negros, the local government units shall ensure that local ordinances relating to the environment including the allocation of funds for environmental programs are consistent with this Act and the Management Plan as herein provided.

SECTION 8. Management Plan. — In order to achieve the objectives of this Act, there shall be a Management Plan which shall provide a long-term basic framework on the management of the MKNP, govern all activities within the MKNP, and serve as guide in the preparation of its annual operations and budget. The Management Plan shall identify the allowed uses for each zone. For specialized uses such as academic and scientific purposes, consultations shall be conducted by a committee of four (4) PAMB representatives and four (4) representatives from concerned LGUs: Provided, That the PAMB representatives shall not come from any of the involved LGUs. The Management Plan shall be consistent with the nature of the MKNP as a protected area under the category of a natural park.

Within one (1) year from the effectivity of this Act, the PASu shall prepare the Management Plan in accordance with the General Management Planning Strategy as provided for in the NIPAS Act in coordination with the appropriate offices of the DENR, local communities, and experts who may offer their services. It shall contain, among others, the following:

(a) A period of applicability for thirty (30) years subject to periodic review every five (5) years;

(b) Key management issues;

(c) Goals and objectives of management in support of Section 2 hereof;

(d) Site management strategies;

(e) Zoning in accordance with Section 9 hereof;

(f) Management programs to include enforcement of laws, habitat and wildlife management, ecotourism, sustainable use management, infrastructure development and maintenance, fire prevention and pest control; DSHcTC

(g) Mechanisms for protection of ICCs/IPs and tenured migrants in the exercise of their rights;

(h) Sustainable and non-destructive livelihood activities;

(i) Regulations in furtherance of the preservation and conservation objectives of the MKNP as a protected area such as the issuance of permits, resource-use restrictions, among others;

The Management Plan shall be reviewed and adopted by the PAMB and certified to by the DENR Secretary that it conforms to all laws, rules, and regulations issued by the DENR.

The Management Plan shall not be revised nor modified without prior consultation with the PAMB and must be in accordance with the procedure herein set forth.

The Management Plan shall be periodically reviewed and shall be updated every five (5) years pursuant to the NIPAS Act.

A year before the expiration of the current Management Plan, the PASu shall cause the publication of notices for comments and suggestions on the successor plan in a newspaper of local circulation and the posting of such notices in the provincial, municipal and barangay halls of the local government units comprising the MKNP, and in three (3) other conspicuous areas frequented by the public within the MKNP. Two public hearings on the same calendar year shall be conducted on the successor plan. The proposed Management Plan shall be made available for public perusal at the Office of the PASu.

The Management Plan shall be prepared in English, Tagalog, Ilonggo, and Cebuano, plainly written, and available for public perusal at the office of the PASu.

SECTION 9. Zoning. — Zones shall be established within the MKNP giving primary consideration to its protection and conservation. Zoning shall also take into account the tenurial and livelihood concerns of communities to ensure the efficient protection of habitats, fragile ecosystems, and unique areas.

The establishment and management of zones must involve the community concerned by undertaking such steps as dialogue consultations, and land and resource — use mapping with the aid of Geographic Information System (GIS) and the latest technologies. Zones shall be demarcated on the ground and indicated on maps with the participation of communities, local government units, and other stakeholders. AcDHCS


Institutional Mechanisms, Roles, and Functions of Management

SECTION 10. Institutional Mechanisms. — (A) The PAMB shall be the policy-making body of the MKNP. It shall be composed of:

(1) The Regional Executive Directors (RED) of DENR Regions VI and VII, with the RED of Region VI as PAMB chair;

(2) The Governors of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, or their respective duly authorized regular representatives;

(3) The mayors of municipalities and cities with territory within the MKNP, or their respective duly authorized regular representatives;

(4) All barangay captains of barangays with territory within MKNP, or their respective duly authorized regular representatives;

(5) Three (3) representatives from NGOs based in Negros Occidental which are accredited with the DENR and the LGU and with tangible projects at the time of their membership in the PAMB;

(6) A PO representative chosen from among themselves for each municipality and city with territory within the MKNP: Provided, That the POs are accredited with the DENR and the LGU and with tangible projects at the time of their membership in the PAMB;

(7) The Provincial Planning and Development Officers (PPDO) of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental;

(8) An ICC/IP representative for each tribal community within the MKNP; and

(9) A duly authorized representative with environmental expertise of the Philippine National Oil Company Energy Development Corporation (PNOC EDC).

(B) There shall be an Executive Committee (Execom) within the PAMB to whom the PAMB may delegate some of its powers and functions. It shall be composed of:

(1) The RED of DENR Region VI as chairman;

(2) The Governors of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, or their respective duly authorized, regular representatives;

(3) Two (2) mayor representatives, to be chosen from among themselves, or their respective duly authorized, regular representatives;

(4) Two (2) barangay captain representatives, one each from Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, to be chosen from among themselves; or their respective duly authorized, regular representatives;

(5) One (1) from the NGO representatives;

(6) One (1) from the PO representatives;

(7) One (1) from the ICC/IP representatives; and

(8) One (1) from the PNOC EDC.

(C) Except for government officials who shall serve ex officio, every PAMB member shall serve for a term of five (5) years: Provided, That he/she remains connected with the sector he/she is supposed to represent: Provided, further, That the term of office of an NGO/PO representative in the PAMB shall be coterminous with the duration or existence of the organization's projects within the MKNP. Whenever a vacancy occurs during the term of a nongovernment PAMB member, a new member shall be chosen in the same manner as the original selection process: Provided, That he/she shall only serve for the remaining term.

(D) The PAMB en banc shall hold regular meetings at least once a year. The PAMB Execom shall hold regular meetings at least once every trimester. Special meetings may be called upon proper notice as the need arises.

(E) PAMB members shall be entitled to reimbursement of actual travelling expenses incurred in attending the meetings of the PAMB or its committees subject to existing accounting and budgeting rules and regulations. These expenses shall be included in the MKNP budget.

SECTION 11. Functions of the PAMB. — The PAMB shall decide by a majority vote and shall have the following powers and functions:

(a) Issue all rules and regulations to prohibit and regulate acts that may be prejudicial to the MKNP pursuant to the policy declarations herein set forth;

(b) Issue all necessary permits within the MKNP in accordance with the Management Plan and pertinent laws and DENR forestry and environmental rules and regulations; ECDAcS

(c) Recommend to the DENR Secretary the criteria on fees for the issuance of permits for activities regulated by this Act or the Management Plan;

(d) Evaluate and approve project or program proposals to be implemented within the MKNP;

(e) Adopt rules of procedure for the conduct of business, including the creation of committees to whom its powers may be delegated;

(f) Approve the Management Plan and oversee the Office of the PASu;

(g) Deputize through the PASu, interested individuals for the enforcement of the laws, rules and regulations governing conduct within the MKNP and prescribe the necessary qualifications therefor:

(h) Accept donations, approve proposals for funding, budget allocations and exercise accountability over all funds that may accrue to the MKNP;

(i) Coordinate with appropriate agencies of the government, such as the regulation of flight patterns of aircraft going over the area in terms of altitudinal limits and emissions; and

(j) Retain legal counsel, either on a permanent or temporary basis, to defend cases against the PAMB, the PASu staff and deputized individuals whenever they are sued in connection with the performance of their duties under this Act, and to assist in other PAMB legal matters.

The DENR, through the RED of Region VI, shall ensure that the PAMB acts within the scope of its powers and functions. In case of conflict between administrative orders issued by the DENR pursuant to the NIPAS Act and the rules and regulations or resolutions issued by the PAMB, the DENR Secretary shall decide whether to apply the rule or withdraw its application from the MKNP.

SECTION 12. The Office of the PASu. — There shall be an Office of the Protected Area Superintendent within the DENR to be headed by the PASu who shall serve as the Chief Operating Officer of the MKNP. The PASu shall possess the qualifications required for appointment to the position of Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Officer (PENRO) in the DENR. The PASu shall be directly accountable to the PAMB and the RED of Region VI. The PASu shall have the following powers and functions:

(a) Prepare the Management Plan as herein provided; IEDaAc

(b) Serve as head of the Secretariat for the PAMB with the duty to provide the PAMB with all the information necessary for it to make appropriate decisions;

(c) Hire and supervise the necessary personnel to support operations which shall be included in the annual budget of the DENR;

(d) Establish a productive partnership with the local community, including groups interested in the achievement of the goals and objectives of the MKNP, and in the planning, protection and management thereof;

(e) Develop and implement a park information, education and visitor programs;

(f) Enforce laws, rules and regulations relevant to the MKNP and assist in the prosecution of offenses;

(g) Monitor all activities within the MKNP for conformity with the Management Plan; and

(h) Perform such other functions as the PAMB may assign.


Ancestral Lands/Domains and Tenured Migrants

SECTION 13. Ancestral Lands and Domains. — The rights of ICCs/IPs in the MKNP to their ancestral lands and domains shall be recognized subject to existing and prior property rights. Traditional property regimes exercised by ICCs/IPs in accordance with their customary laws shall govern the relationship of all individuals within their communities with respect to all land and other resources found within their ancestral lands and domains.

The provisions of this Act shall be construed liberally in favor of the ICCs/IPs in accordance with the preservation and conservation objectives of the MKNP. Nothing herein shall be construed to impair, diminish or derogate any prior or existing right currently enjoyed by ICCs/IPs under existing laws.

SECTION 14. Tenured Migrants and Transient Farmers. — Tenured migrants are those members of households that have actually and continuously occupied the MKNP since June 1, 1987 and are solely dependent on the MKNP for their livelihood. For purposes of official documentation of rights and extent of occupation within the MKNP, the tenured migrant household shall be issued a tenurial instrument over such areas as have been occupied or cultivated but not to exceed a maximum of three (3) hectares. If despite consideration paid to current practices, areas occupied by tenured migrants are designated as zones in which no occupation or other activities are allowed, provisions for their transfer to multiple-use zones shall be accomplished using humanitarian considerations.

To effectively provide a social fence to prevent encroachment into the MKNP, the tenurial instruments to be issued pursuant to this Act must be community-based, limited solely to multiple-use zones, promote clustering, and comply with the zoning and Management Plan, as provided herein.

In no case shall the tenurial instruments or the rights and interests therein be transferred, sold, leased, encumbered, or made as a collateral, security or joint venture capital, otherwise it shall be void: Provided, That said rights can only be transferred to direct descendants.

Any violation of the terms and conditions of the tenurial instrument or any provision of this Act or abandonment by a tenured migrant shall constitute sufficient ground for the revocation of his/her tenurial right.

Upon cancellation of a tenured migrant instrument for cause or by voluntary surrender of rights, the PASu shall take immediate steps to rehabilitate the area in order to return it to its natural state prior to the cultivation or other act by the tenured migrant. CaHAcT

Occupants who do not qualify as tenured migrants but have been occupying areas of the park prior to the enactment of this Act shall be relocated to the multiple-use areas or available alienable and disposable (A and D) lands of the public domain that are proximal to their original abode. Occupants who shall be relocated within the multiple-use zones shall qualify for usufruct use while those relocated to A and D areas may apply for ownership titles. Park occupants shall be given priority in the government's relocation programs.


Prohibited Acts

SECTION 15. Prohibited Acts. — The following shall be the prohibitions and penalties applicable within the MKNP:

(A) A fine of not less than Five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) but not more than Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00) and imprisonment of not less than six (6) years and one (1) day but not more than twelve (12) years shall be imposed upon any person who:

(1) Hunts, collects, destroys, traps, disturbs or possesses anywhere within the MKNP any wild plant or animal or product derived therefrom without prior PAMB permit.

(2) Possesses without a permit from PAMB any wild plant or animal or product derived therefrom outside the MKNP or any zone of MKNP where the specie is not endemic.

(3) Cuts, gathers, collects or removes timber or other forest products as well as undertakes any activity not compatible with the use of the respective zones within the MKNP without prior PAMB permit: Provided, That any permit issued shall be valid for only one (1) month from the date of issue either to tenured migrants within sustainable monitored and controlled quotas or for scientific purposes necessary for protected area management in accordance with existing guidelines, and outside the strict protection zones.

(4) Establishes or introduces exotic species within the MKNP with allelopathic effect or those detrimental to endemic species, or without prior PAMB permit.

(5) Engages in kaingin or in any activity that causes forest fire inside the MKNP. HTCAED

(B) A fine of not less than Five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) but not more than Two hundred fifty thousand pesos (P250,000.00) and/or imprisonment of not less than six (6) months but not more than six (6) years and the restoration and rehabilitation of the damage shall be imposed upon any person who:

(1) Violates the Management Plan, or any resolution issued by the PAMB.

(2) Vandalizes, mutilates, transports, destroys, excavates or in any manner intentionally damages any natural formation or object of natural beauty inside the MKNP, or the burial or religious sites including artifacts and other objects belonging to ICCs/IPs.

(3) Dumps, burns or otherwise disposes of any substance deleterious to the ecosystem, plants and animals, or human inhabitants in the protected area or committing the same in buffer and multiple use areas without appropriate authority or permit.

(4) Uses or possesses a motorized equipment anywhere within the Strict Protection Zone of the MKNP without a prior permit from the PAMB.

(5) Uses or possesses chainsaws and band saws without prior PAMB permit; Provided, That permits may only be issued for multiple-use zones.

(6) Grazing or raising of poultry and other livestock for commercial purpose within the MKNP: Provided, That existing grazing or poultry and other livestock farms within the MKNP shall be phased out within five (5) years.

(7) Damaging or leaving roads and trails in damaged condition.


(8) Occupies any portion of land inside the MKNP without a prior PAMB permit. Clearing, construction of residence or any introduction of improvements shall constitute prima facie evidence of occupation or settlement.

(9) Altering, removing, destroying or defacing boundaries, marks or signs.

(10) Constructs and maintains a building, edifice or any kind of structure or conducts any business enterprise within the MKNP without prior PAMB permit. cDAISC

(11) Enters the MKNP without prior PAMB permit for purposes of trekking, mountain climbing, camping, spelunking, and the like.

(12) Conducts bioprospecting within the MKNP without prior PAMB permit in violation of existing guidelines.

(13) Engages in treasure hunting within the MKNP

(C) A fine of not less than One hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00) but not more than Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00) and/or imprisonment of not less than six (6) months but not more than six (6) years shall be imposed upon any public officer, or officer of law, who, in dereliction of the duties of his office shall maliciously refrain from instituting prosecution for the punishment of violators of the law, or shall tolerate the commission of offenses. Conviction of this offense shall also carry the penalty of perpetual disqualification from public office.

(D) Any provision to the contrary notwithstanding, the commission of any unlawful act enumerated under Section 15(A) herein shall carry the penalty of imprisonment of not less than twelve (12) years and one (1) day but not more than twenty (20) years and a fine of not less than Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00) to One million pesos (P1,000,000.00) in addition to the accessory penalties provided in the immediately succeeding paragraph, in case the species involved is a protected species as defined herein. Furthermore any citizen may institute the necessary charge against the offender for commission of the acts enumerated under Section 15(A) involving protected species. IaHCAD

(E) A conviction under this Section shall likewise carry the penalty of eviction from the MKNP, payment of damages for rehabilitation and restoration, and the forfeiture of all equipment, device weapon/s used in the commission of the offense as well as the protected area resources caught in the possession of the accused. In case the offender is not a citizen of the Philippines, he/she shall be immediately deported to his/her country of origin after service of his/her sentence. If the offender is an association or corporation, the president or manager shall be directly responsible for the act of his/her employees and laborers.

(F) The PASu or his/her duly deputized personnel may arrest even without a warrant any person who has committed or is committing in his/her presence any of the offenses defined in this Section. He/she may also seize and confiscate in favor of the Government, the tools and equipment used in committing the offense and the resources caught in the possession of the offender and file the necessary charges therefor: Provided, That the DENR may impose administrative fines and penalties in accordance with law.

(G) In case of conviction, the penalty consisting of fines and damages shall directly accrue to the IPAF as provided herein.

SECTION 16. Special Prosecutors. — Within thirty (30) days from the effectivity of this Act, the Department of Justice shall designate a special prosecutor to whom all cases of violation of laws, rules and regulations in the MKNP shall be assigned. Such special prosecutor shall coordinate with the PAMB and the PASu in the performance of his/her duties and assist in the training of wardens and rangers in arrest and criminal procedure.


Proceeds and Fees

SECTION 17. Integrated Protected Areas Fund. — There is hereby established a trust fund to be known as the Integrated Protected Areas Fund (IPAF) for purposes of financing projects of the system. All incomes generated from the operation of the system or management of wild flora and fauna in the MKNP shall accrue to the Fund. These income shall be derived from proceeds from fees from permitted sale and export of flora and fauna and other resources from the protected area and its buffer zones other than protected species as may be set by the DENR and the PAMB, proceeds from lease of multiple-use areas, contributions from industries and facilities directly benefiting from the protected area and such other fees and incomes derived from the operation of the protected area.

The Fund may be augmented by grants, donations, endowments from various sources, domestic or foreign for purposes related to their functions: Provided, That the Fund shall be deposited as a special account in the national treasury and disbursements therefrom shall be made solely for the protection, maintenance administration, and management of the system, and duly approved projects endorsed by the PAMB in accordance with existing accounting and budgeting rules and regulations: Provided, further, That no amount shall be disbursed for the operating expenses of the Department and other concerned agencies.

Current sources of revenue of the local government units shall be excluded from the IPAF.

The PAMB shall have the power to disburse the IPAF. Twenty-five per cent (25%) of the IPAF shall be for the use of the national government for the support of the National Integrated Protected Areas System: Provided, That twenty-five per cent (25%) thereof shall be allocated to the local government units comprising the MKNP. SEcADa


Existing Facilities

SECTION 18. Existing Facilities within the MKNP. — Within ninety (90) days from the effectivity of this Act, all commercial facilities existing within the boundaries of the MKNP with a total capitalization of not less than One hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00) shall submit to the PAMB through the PASu a sworn statement containing the following information:

(a) Potential for disturbance of protected species and their habitats, reproductive cycles, nesting and feeding grounds and migratory paths;

(b) Noise levels at all stages of operation;

(c) Emissions and effluent at all stages of operation;

(d) Energy requirements and sources of energy;

(e) Water supply requirements and sources of water;

(f) Volume of resources extracted from the MKNP;

(g) Future plans for the next five (5) years.

Based on these submissions, the PAMB, with the assistance of the DENR, shall determine whether the existence of such facility and its future plan and operation will be detrimental to the MKNP.

Failure to submit the required information shall constitute a violation of this Act and subject to the penalties imposed under Section 15(B) hereof. The PAMB may prescribe further conditions for the operation of the facility to ensure that it does not contradict the management objectives of the MKNP. Without prejudice to the filing of the necessary case under Section 15(B)(1) hereof, if any of such conditions are violated, an administrative fine of Five thousand pesos (P5,000.00) for every day of violation shall be imposed upon the owners of said facility but not to exceed a total of Five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00). At anytime whenever necessary, the PAMB, through the PASu or other government entities, shall cause the cessation and demolition of the facility at the cost of its owners. TIaDHE

Existing facilities that rely heavily on resources within the MKNP which are allowed to remain within the MKNP may be charged reasonable fees or subject to reasonable conditions by the PAMB. All incomes derived from such fees shall accrue to the IPAF.


Utilization of Resources

SECTION 19. Utilization of Resources. — Except for protected species or whenever detrimental to the ecosystem, use of resources derived from the MKNP by tenured migrants and ICCs/IPs for their domestic needs or for their subsistence shall not be restricted.

Livelihood activities requiring the use of resources derived from the MKNP shall be allowed only when sustainable consistent with the Management Plan and only upon prior PAMB approval. Only non-timber products can be used for livelihood purposes.

No exploration, exploitation or utilization of non-renewable resources within the MKNP for commercial purposes or by non-tenured migrants or non-ICCs/IPs shall be allowed. Commercial utilization of resources by tenured migrants and ICCs/IPs shall be allowed only upon prior PAMB approval and in accordance with the Management Plan.

Commercial exploitation of water resources within the MKNP shall require prior PAMB approval, must be in accordance with the Management Plan and should undergo the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) System.


Transitory and Miscellaneous Provisions

SECTION 20. Appropriations. — The Secretary of the DENR shall include in its program the implementation of this Act, the funding of which shall be charged against the Integrated Protected Areas Fund authorized under Section 17 hereof and from the appropriations authorized under the annual General Appropriations Act.

SECTION 21. Construction. — The provisions of this Act shall be construed liberally in favor of tenured migrants and ICCs/IPs and with due consideration to the protection of biodiversity. The NIPAS Act shall be suppletory in the implementation of this Act.

SECTION 22. Separability Clause. — If any part or section of this Act is declared unconstitutional, such declaration shall not affect the other parts or sections hereof. TEaADS

SECTION 23. Transitory Provisions. — Pending the organization of a new PAMB in accordance with this Act, the incumbent PAMB members shall continue to hold office until a new PAMB has been convened within three (3) months from the effectivity of this Act. The current staff comprising the PASu Office shall be retained in the Office of the PASu created herein.

Within three (3) months from the effectivity of this Act, the DENR in coordination with the PAMB, the Committee on Natural Resources of the House of Representatives, the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, and the concerned district representatives or their representatives shall undertake the preparation of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of this Act.

SECTION 24. Repealing Clause. — All laws, proclamations, rules and regulations inconsistent with this Act are hereby repealed or modified accordingly. EcATDH

SECTION 25. Effectivity Clause. — This Act shall be translated in English, Filipino, Cebuano, and Ilonggo and shall be published once every week for three (3) consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation which is readily available in the areas in and around the MKNP. This Act shall likewise be simultaneously posted in the appropriate language in a conspicuous place in the provincial, municipal and barangay halls within the area as well as in three (3) other places frequented by the public. Fifteen (15) days after the last publication and posting, this Act shall have full force and effect.

* Lapsed into law on August 11, 2001, without the signature of the President, in accordance with Article VI, Section 27(1) of the Constitution.