Creating a Border Crossing Coordinating Office and Providing for Guidelines on Deployment of Border Crossing Officers ( BI Memorandum Order No. RADJR-008-12 )

March 07, 2012

March 7, 2012



WHEREAS, the Memorandum from the Honorable Executive Secretary Paquito N. Ochoa Jr. dated November 16, 2011 directed the Bureau to augment the personnel complement in the Border Crossing Stations in view of the alarming increase in the number of undocumented Indonesians in Mindanao;

WHEREAS, the Bureau lacks Immigration Officers assigned at Border Crossing Stations;

WHEREAS, there is a need to provide for an implementing mechanism for the deployment of additional personnel to Border Crossing Stations, specifically, those with Immigration Officer III plantilla positions originally created for Border Crossing;

WHEREAS, there is a need to establish an Office that will coordinate all border crossing activities of the Bureau, serve as focal point of the Philippine Border Committee and formulate appropriate policies to enhance border control initiatives;

WHEREFORE, pursuant to the authority of the Commissioner to issue circulars or orders to secure the harmonious and efficient administration of the Bureau as provided under Section 3, Commonwealth Act No. 613, otherwise known as "The Philippines Immigration Act of 1940," as amended, in relation to Book IV, Chapter 4, Section 20 (3) and Section 36 of Executive Order No. 292, otherwise known as the Administrative Code of 1987, the following are hereby ordered promulgated:

SECTION 1. Creation and Functions of Border Crossing Coordinating Office. — A Border Crossing Coordinating Office (BCCO) is hereby created with the following functions:

a. Coordinate all border crossing activities of the Bureau;

b. Serve as focal point of the Philippine Border Committee-DOJ Level;

c. Recommend appropriate policies to enhance border control initiatives;

d. Coordinate with Malaysian and Indonesian Consulates on all border crossing matters on behalf of the Bureau; and

e. Serve as liaison office to regional and local government agencies and other stakeholders.

SECTION 2. Designation and Deployment of Personnel to Border Crossing Stations. — All personnel who are holders of an Immigration Officer III (Border Crossing) are hereby designated as Border Crossing Immigration Officers and shall be deployed to Border Crossing Stations (BCS) on a rotation basis upon the effectivity of this Order. The Commissioner may likewise designate any other Immigration Officer aside from Immigration Officer III (Border Crossing) to any BCS in the exigency of service. HEScID

SECTION 3. Tour of Duty. — All Border Crossing Immigration Officers shall serve at specific BCS for a period of three (3) to six (6) months subject to the discretion of the Commissioner, provided that Immigration Officer III (Border Crossing) who are currently designated as Heads of Offices shall be assigned to BCS upon the designation of a suitable replacement to the positions they are currently occupying. The duration of the Tour of Duty shall be specifically indicated in the Personnel Order which shall be deemed revoked upon the expiration of the period stated therein. A leave with pay of one (1) week for every three (3) months or two (2) weeks for every six (6) months of completed tour of duty shall be granted to the said Border Crossing Immigration Officers.

SECTION 4. Duties and Functions. — All Border Crossing Immigration Officers shall perform the following duties and functions:

a. Conduct Immigration Formalities on all arriving and departing foreign nationals and vessels at their respective BCS;

b. Detect and monitor activities of illegal entrants, and immigration violators;

c. Adopt measures for the apprehension of suspected human traffickers at BCS in coordination with other law enforcement agencies;

d. Participate and monitor the summary exclusion of illegal entrants and overstaying border crossers and the repatriation and deportation of violators of existing Border Crossing Agreements;

e. Apprehend or arrest aliens entering the country without inspection;

f. Attend to or resolve immigration problems that may arise at assigned Border Crossing Station;

g. Supervise the conduct of Annual Report of all aliens at Border Crossing Station;

h. Supervise all deputized units assigned at BCS;

i. Perform other functions as may be directed by the Commissioner.

SECTION 5. Deployment Plan. — Within ten (10) days after the effectivity of this Order, the Immigration Regulation Division (IRD) shall develop a Deployment Plan indicating the prospective assignments and date of deployment of Border Crossing Immigration Officers.

SECTION 6. Pre-Deployment Orientation. — All Border Crossing Immigration Officers shall undergo a pre-deployment orientation to be conducted by the following:

a) Finance and Management Division (FMD) on all financial matters specifically liquidation, accounting and reimbursement procedures on expenses, overtime pay rates and other incidental expenses;

b) Immigration Regulation Division (IRD) on immigration formalities at Border Crossing Stations;

c) BI National Operations Center (BINOC) on reportorial requirements;

d) DOJ Representative to Philippine Border Committee on the developments relating to Border Crossing Agreements and plans and programs of the Bureau.

SECTION 7. Appropriation for Border Crossing. — The Finance and Management Division is directed to develop a budget for the BCS and the Border Crossing Coordinating Office (BCCO) for inclusion in the annual appropriations of the Bureau. aTEACS

SECTION 8. Administrative and Logistical Provisions. — The Immigration Regulation Division and the Personnel Section shall cause the preparation of the required Personnel Order for all concerned personnel covered by this Order for approval of the Commissioner. The Administrative Division through the Property Section shall prepare appropriate provisions for supplies and equipment prior to deployment.

SECTION 9. Financial Provisions. — A monthly cash advance for operational expenses in the amount to be determined by the Commissioner shall be provided to each BCS subject to liquidation and replenishment. Liquidation of the cash advance shall be lenient and flexible considering the circumstances present at the Border Crossing Station.

SECTION 10. Repealing Clause. — All Bureau orders, circulars, issuances, memoranda that are inconsistent with this Order are hereby repealed, amended or modified accordingly.

SECTION 11. Effectivity Clause. — This Memorandum Order shall take effect on the first day of the month immediately following its approval.

Let copies of this Order be deposited at the Office of the National Administrative Register (ONAR), University of the Philippines Law Center.

(SGD.) RICARDO A. DAVID JR.CommissionerBureau of Immigration