Amendment to R.A. No. 166 Re: Fees ( Republic Act No. 681 )

May 09, 1952

May 9, 1952



SECTION 1. Section thirty-nine of Republic Act Numbered One hundred and sixty-six is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

"Sec. 39. Fees. — The following fees shall be paid: cd

"For filing application for registration covering not more than one class of goods one hundred and twenty-five pesos; Provided, That if more than one class of goods is included in a single application, a charge of fifty pesos shall be collected for each additional class in excess of one; And provided, further, That all necessary expenses for publication, if any, may be charged to this fee;

"For filing application for revival of abandoned application for registration, twenty-five pesos; cd i

"For filing each opposition, fifty pesos;

"For filing each affidavit required by section twelve, Chapter II hereof, twenty-five pesos;

"For filing disclaimer, amendment, surrender or cancellation after registration, twenty pesos;

"For issuance of a substitute certificate of registration following correction of a registrant's mistake, twenty-five pesos;

"For issuance of a new certificate of registration following change or ownership of a mark, twenty-five pesos;

"For filing petition for renewal of certificate of registration for each class, seventy-five pesos;

"For filing petition for cancellation, fifty pesos;

"For surcharge for any delayed payment of any delayed action of an applicant or registrant, twenty-five pesos;

"For notice of appeal from orders or decisions of Director, twenty-five pesos;

"For recording assignments for each mark or trade-name, ten pesos;

"For issuance of a certificate regarding the registration or nonregistration of each mark or trade-name, ten pesos;

"For issuance of an affirmative or negative certificate regarding the registration of any document in connection with a mark or trade-name, ten pesos;

"For filing any other documents in connection with marks or trade-names not required by law to be filed, ten pesos;

"For certifying a copy to be true and exact copy, one peso;

"For copies of records, two pesos per photostat sheet; one peso per one hundred words of typewritten copy; and

"For services not otherwise specified, the Director shall, by regulation, provide the fees therefor."

SECTION 2. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Approved: May 9, 1952

Published in the Official Gazette, Vol. 48, No. 5, p. 1690 in May 1952