Amendment to Administrative Order No. 2, Series of 2005, Entitled, "Rules and Regulations Governing the Acquisition of Agricultural Lands Subject of Voluntary Offer to Sell and Compulsory Acquisition and those Covered Under Executive Order No. 407" ( DAR Administrative Order No. 04-07 )

March 27, 2007

March 27, 2007


SUBJECT : Amendment to Administrative Order No. 2, Series of 2005, Entitled, "Rules and Regulations Governing the Acquisition of Agricultural Lands Subject of Voluntary Offer to Sell and Compulsory Acquisition and those Covered Under Executive Order No. 407"



In view of the need to improve the systems and procedures/processes on land acquisition and distribution and preserve the gains achieved in the implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP), the preparation of the Land Distribution and Information Sheet (LDIS) simultaneous with claim folder preparation and documentation is essential in order to maximize resources and ensure the generation of LDIS which will facilitate determination of the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries' (ARBs) land amortization schedule.

Pursuant thereto, Item IV.C.12 of DAR Administrative Order No. 2, Series of 2005 is hereby amended to read as follows:

12 DARPO Receives and reviews    
      Memorandum of Valuation    
      with LVW from LBP    
      Order to deposit to LBP, CARP-LA Form No. 17
         together with a copy of    (Order to Deposit)
        Application to Purchase  CARP-LA Form No. 20
        and Farmer's Undertaking   (duplicate copy of NLVA)
        (APFU) and the   CARP-LA Form No. 18
        accomplished Land (Revised APFU)
        Distribution Information   CARP Form No. 22
        Schedule (LDIS)
      Notice of Land Valuation CARP-LA Form No. 20
        and Acquisition to LO   (Notice of Land Valuation
        together with copies of   and Acquisition with
        MOV, LVW and LO's    CARP-LA Form No. 21-
        Reply Form and causes    Los' Reply Form)
        the posting of the NLVA    CARP-LA Form No. 16
        for seven (7) days at the  (Memo of Valuation) 
        barangay and municipality/   with Land Valuation
        city halls where the   Worksheet
        property is located and,   CARP-LA Form No. 5
        thereafter, issues  (Certification of Posting
        Certification of Posting    Compliance of NLVA by
        Compliance    the PARO)

All other steps not amended shall remain.


The pertinent provision of Item IV of Administrative Order No. 02, S. of 2005 is hereby modified accordingly.


This Order shall take effect ten (10) days following its publication in two (2) newspapers of general circulation.

Quezon City, March 27, 2007. ScCDET



Published in The Philippine Daily Inquirer and in Malaya on April 4, 2007.